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Bubble Talk
Price $19.95

Looking for that new party game that just makes you giggle? Bubble Talk is the one. Lay down a hilarious double-sided picture card and then each player will select the one quote card they think is the funniest to the scene. Read them all aloud, and then select the one you like the most. No matter what you pick, you'll be laughing at the end.

Loaded with 150 pictures and 300 wacky captions.
Price $19.95

Ready, Aim, Score!

Using the elastic cord, be quick and aim well to be the first to send all 10 disks zooming across to the other side.

WARNING! You may find it difficult to stop playing.

Loaded Questions
Price $26.95

This game became a best seller for us before we even had a chance to try it. We bought the first six copies from the author who was selling them out of his trunk. The first few customers who bought the game let us know we had found a winner.

Everyone writes an answer to the same "loaded question", such as "if you we invisible for one hour, where would you go first?" One player tries to guess who wrote each response. Sort of the Balderdash of friends and family. Though not really a team game, it is a game in which more is definitely merrier. When we played with 8 people from ages 10 to ... well, never mind... we had lots and lots of laughs.

Warning: Choking Hazard. Small Parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.

Excellent alternative to Cards Against Humanity
Personally Incorrect
Our Price: $26.95

Can't find Cards Against Humanity? This is a great alternative.

Ever played a party game that just got more and more offensive through the night? Me too! So instead we decided to start one that way. This game is sexist, ageist, racist, and downright dirty. Basically if you get offended by anything, go play some other lame game!

Not only do you get to make up absolutely outrageous allegations, but you get to make them up about someone sitting right at your table! If you're playing with close friends - watch out! Inside jokes and embarrassing facts might just take center stage.

Unlike similar games where the question reader is king and decides who handed over the best answer, all players except for the reader get to vote with the reader acting only as a tie breaker.

Curses, The Party Game of
Price $27.50

You're under a curse such as: you may not bend your elbows. Or your curse may be that whenever someone says the name of a food, you must say "that sounds delicious !" Then your turn comes around and you're given a task to accomplish, say, trying to get another player to switch long distance phone services or to wait tables at a diner.

Catch someone not doing his curse and ring the bell. You are one step closer to winning. On your turn, after you accomplish your task (while remembering to observe all your curses), you get to draw and assign the next curse to the player of your choice. He could end up in a situation where he is supposed to explain to a cop why he was speeding while speaking like a grizzled old pirate "Avast ye Matey" and speaking like an upper crust Englishman. Contradictory curses, too bad.

Curses sets up some very, very funny situations. The more creative and uninhibited your friends, the more fun you will have. Cointains 120 game cards, rules, and bell to ring.

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